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Real Estate and Financing

Yes. In Thailand, any foreign citizen may own 100% of apartment property. In the case of apartment development projects, however, there is a condition that at least 51 % of the apartments are owned by Thai citizens. For this reason, it is best to act quickly. Choose your apartment/s in time, because only 49 % of the apartments in the development projects are available to foreign clients.
No. The Thai Bank provides mortgage loans to Thai citizens only. Clients from all over the world can use our flexible 3-year payment plan.
Yes. The price of the apartment/s mentioned in a contract is final. Only before registration in the cadastral office, the buyer must pay a one-time fee of THB 70 000 - 130 000, depending on the size of the apartment. The fee includes water and electricity connections, cable TV installation; part of it goes to the administrative fund of the building.
Yes, and we are happy to assist buyers with this, as part of the services we offer after signing a contract.
Yes. You can view our Showroom.
Showroom Grand Solaire Showroom Grand Solaire Showroom Grand Solaire Showroom Grand Solaire

Operations of Real Estate

The fee for services within the resort (swimming pools, sporting facilities) including a parking space, cleaning of communal areas and waste collection, amounts to THB 480 per sqm/year.
Contact us. If there are any technical issues, we will solve them for you.
Yes. Each apartment has an underground parking space, guarded by a camera system (CCTV).

Political Situation in Thailand

Thailand is a constitutional monarchy administered by the military junta. It is a founding member of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and has the second most developed economy in Southeast Asia.
Thailand is a relatively safe country. If you do not offend the King or take drugs, you are not at risk. Both these offences are subject to high penalties. However, you need to be vigilant in popular tourist locations, where pickpocketing sometimes occurs.
You should be careful when in traffic, especially on a motorcycle. During the monsoon period, there is a risk of local flooding at the coast. However, a day later, you will be unaware that a flood has taken place.
The official language is Thai. English, Chinese and Malaysian are also spoken.
Daylight saving time: UTC (London) +6, SEC (Prague) +5
Winter time: UTC +7, SEC +6
It is not. Compared to Europe, the prices are significantly lower in Thailand. For example, 100 CZK is equal to approx. 150 Baht; 100 EUR is equal to 4 000 Baht and 100 GBP is approx. 4 500 Baht, depending on current exchange rates.
Thai Baht (THB).
The flight from Europe to Thailand takes over 9 hours. It depends on your airport of departure.
Yes, you can contact us directly, because we are based in Pattaya. We will be happy to help you with anything, whether you have questions about real estate or are seeking a tour guide around the city.

Other Questions

There is no time for boredom in Thailand. There are thousands of attractions. You can vary your daily programme according to your mood. You can relax on beaches or at a pool. You can go on an excursion to the surrounding islands, go shopping, or enjoy the bustle of the nightlife in Pattaya.
The main season in Pattaya lasts from November to May. But the weather is warm all the year round, because Pattaya lies in a tropical zone. Occasional monsoon rains may occur from June to September.
Yes. You can rent a car and a motorcycle in hundreds of places in the city. And at very affordable rates. On average, car rental costs approx. EUR 30 per day.
No. The Resort and facilities are only accessible to residents.
Upon submission of the Last Will and Testament or Death Certificate, a property will be transferred to an heir within 60 days and will be ready to be handed over by the property developer.
In Pattaya, the developer has completed and handed over 21 projects to date. Another 2 projects are under construction right now. You can view all the new projects under “current projects”.
Aerial view of downtown Pattaya
Big Buddha Pattaya
Pattaya city view, Sanctuary of Truth in the foreground
City Beach - Jomtien Beach
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